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Swiss student or holder of a C permit

Compulsory health insurance puts a considerable financial burden on students and their families. There are ways in which this burden can be lightened.

Change from one insurance company to another : By comparing premiums you may find a company that is cheaper than the one you insure with now. All companies are obliged to offer the same basic benefits, and to accept any applicant whatever his/her age or state of health.
If you wish to change insurance company for the year 2014, you must do this in writing before 30 November 2013 and in any case no later than 30 days after being informed of your 2014 premiums by your present insurer.

Making the most of your premium : Opt for a franchise; agree to participate in a health-care network; do not buy any supplementary insurance benefits (the compulsory insurance guarantees access to all basic medical services). These measures will help to reduce the premium amounts.

Ask for a subsidy : If your annual revenue is below a certain amount then you can apply to the canton for full or partial subsidy to help in paying your health insurance.

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