Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre at the University of Lausanne is organized as a platform of coordination between several organizational departments and faculties, partners in the mission to welcome newcomers.

The typical procedure of arrival is as follows:



First, most employees, as well as invited researchers, will enter the University of Lausanne (UNIL) through one of the seven faculties where the colleagues will help the newcomer with some of the steps to get settled.




Second, employees, who have a contract with UNIL, will be in contact with the Human Resources Department, who will help the newcomer with all questions related to the engagement and contract, taxes, working permits, salaries, social charges and family allocations, and so on. 





Third, for any additional questions, and for visitors without a UNIL contract, the International Relations Welcome Centre is here to help. 



If you are a newcomer, this website will answer many of the remaining questions that you might have after having been in touch with your faculty and the HR department. Do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a warm welcome!



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The Welcome Centre is part of the EURAXESS mobility network for researchers in the European Union.

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