How to find us

The Welcome Centre is part of the International Relations Office, which is located on the Dorigny campus, in the building called "Château de Dorigny".



By public transport

Leave the Lausanne train station through the main gate, cross the "Place de la gare" to take the M2 metro (the metro station is located opposite of the train station, on the right of the MacDonald's). At the ticket vending machine, choose a ticket for two zones. Take the subway that climbs (direction "Croisette" or "La Sallaz", both are OK). Get out at the first stop called "Lausanne-Flon". Take the "M1" metro (direction "Renens gare") and get out ca. 10 mins later at the stop called "UNIL-Chamberonne".

After having got out of the metro, walk in the same direction as the metro. Cross the railways, walk across the small parking lot, and walk down the road just below the parking place. The road makes a hairpin bend right and crosses a small stream. Cross the bridge and take the first road on the left just after the bridge. After having walked a few steps you will see an old house, the Château de Dorigny. The International Relations Office is on the ground floor, on the right.

By road

The main campus of the University of Lausanne (Dorigny campus) is located in the western suburubs of Lausanne City. The building called "Château de Dorigny" is located on the Dorigny campus (coordinates of the building : 46°31'24 N, 6°34'56 E).
To get to the University of Lausanne, take the motorway direction "Lausanne Sud" (Lausanne south); leave the motorway at "UNIL-EPFL", stay on the right-hand side of the road, turn right just before the first roundabout, and turn left in the roundabout that follows immediately. Follow the narrow paved road that makes a hairpin bent curve to the right, take the next road on the right, and stop in front of an old white house with grey shutters, the Château de Dorigny. You can park your car here, we will give you a parking authorization. The International Relations Office is on the ground floor, on your right. 

Ch√Ęteau de Dorigny  -  CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 20 20
Fax +41 21 692 20 05