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Educational Leadership Training (Utrecht University)
Details can be found here:
"The intensive educational leadership programme is unique and meant for academics that operate on the management level of academic teaching. The programme consists of eight multiple-day thematic meetings, an individual project and one or two study tours.
Upon completion of the programme, participants are able to:
- Make an adequate analysis of complex educational issues
- Design and implement practical solutions for current educational issues
- Utilise skills to stimulate, organize and support the development of teachers and innovation of education
Participants for this programme are presented by their dean. The board of the Centre for Academic Teaching decides about the final admission to the programme."
Location : Pays-Bas
Start : 2013 -- End : 2014

Basic University Teaching Qualification (Utrecht University)
Details concerning the Utrecht University Teaching Qualification Programme can be found here:
Location : Pays-Bas
Start : 2008 -- End : 2009

Ph.D. in English and German Historical Linguistics, University of Manchester (UK); Supervisors: Prof. Sylvia Adamson & Prof. Martin Durrell
Topic: Language Standardisation and Prescription in the Eighteenth Century. The Subjunctive in English and (Austrian) German (passed without corrections)
Location : Grande-Bretagne
Start : 2002 -- End : 2005

Teacher Training Course in English, Psychology, and Philosophy, Vienna (Austria)
Location : Autriche
Start : 2001 -- End : 2002

Mag. Phil. in English and American Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Pedagogics (inclusive of teacher training in these subjects) at the University of Vienna (Austria)
Location : Autriche
Start : 1994 -- End : 2000

Expériences professionnelles

President of the Swiss Association of University Teachers of English (SAUTE)
Details can be found here:
Location : Suisse
Start : 2019

External SNSF commission member (Instrument SNSF Eccellenza)
Location : Suisse
Start : 2017

Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Location : Suisse
Start : 2014

Associate Professor in English Language and Culture (tenured) at Utrecht University (Department of Modern Languages & Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS)
Location : Pays-Bas
Start : 2011 -- End : 2014

Assistant Professor in English Language and Culture (tenured) at Utrecht University (Department of Modern Languages & Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS)
Location : Pays-Bas
Start : 2008 -- End : 2011

Junior Lecturer in English Philology & Postdoctoral Research Associate in the NWO VICI research project The Codifiers and the English Language: Tracing the Norms of Standard English (PI: I. Tieken-Boon van Ostade), Leiden University
Location : Pays-Bas
Start : 2005 -- End : 2009


Specific competences and techniques

Direction de thèses de doctorat soutenues
- Thèse de Moragh Gordon: The Urban Vernacular of Late Medieval and Renaissance Bristol today. Direction: Prof. Anita Auer & Prof. Peter Schrijver. Utrecht University, Pays-Bas. Novembre 2017.
- Thèse d'Alesia Rochat: US PRESIDENT 2.0 OR HOW NETIZENS USE MEMES TO REMIX POLITICS: From pre-election discourse to its critique through textual carnivalesque. Directrice: Prof. Anita Auer. Université de Lausanne, Suisse. Janvier 2019.
- Thèse de Tino Oudesluijs: Language Variation and Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern Coventry. Directrice: Prof. Anita Auer. Université de Lausanne, Suisse. Septembre 2019.

Membre de jury de thèse
- Thèse de Lennart van der Velden: Deconstructing Meaning. A Semiotactic Approach to Gerundival Constructions in English. Direction: Frits Kortlandt. Leiden University, Pays-Bas. Janvier 2019. (Membre du jury)
- Thèse de Camille Marshall: Playing, Seeing and Doubting the Godhead in the Sixteenth-Century Towneley Collection of Biblical Plays. Direction: Prof. Denis Renevey. Université de Lausanne, Suisse. Novembre 2019. (Présidente de la séance)
- Thèse de Cristian Lopez: The Arrow of Time and Time Symmetry in non Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. On why we have sound reasons to believe in a quantum arrow of time. Direction: Michaël-Andreas Esfeld et Olimpia Lombardi. Université de Lausanne, Suisse. Novembre 2019. (Déléguée de la faculté)
- Thèse de Samuel Bourgeois: 'Well, like, oh yeah ...': Non-dialogical functions of discourse markers in journalistic writing. Direction: Martin Hilpert. Université de Neuchâtel, Suisse. Août 2020. (Membre du jury)




Anita Auer is a (socio)historical linguist with a special interest in diachronic and synchronic aspects of language variation and change. She has a keen interest in interdisciplinary research, particularly the correlation between language variation and change and socio-economic history, as well as textual history (in relation to corpus linguistics). Her current research focuses on (a) alternative histories of the English language, i.e. the role of historical urban vernaculars in standardisation processes; the language of the labouring poor in Late Modern England; (b) the historical development of English subjunctive constructions; and (c) language maintenance and shift amongst Swiss heritage speakers past and present in North America.

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