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The Continuing Education program organized by the English department was launched in 2013. Headed by Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère assisted by Marie Emilie Walz, it offers one-day courses in September around a chosen theme, approach, genre or author pertaining to Anglophone literatures, languages and cultures. As part of the UNIL/EPFL Formation Continue portfolio of training activities (, this short course is intended for adult learners and designed for the intellectual stimulation, pedagogical reflection and personal enrichment of teachers of English through lectures delivered by members of the English department and invited speakers, workshops and other activities. The course is supplemented by relevant material accessible to participants on Moodle. Boris Vejdovsky joined the team in 2018.

September 11th, 2020

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What would the world be without books? How would that change our apprehension of the world? Fahrenheit 451 and other texts pose that question at a time when we seem to be moving to radically new information technologies and cultural practices. This 1-day course proposes to examine the role of dystopian fiction in addressing contemporary threats and issues. While writers have used fiction to explore imaginative possibilities or to express concerns about real enough forms of social conflict, religious violence, political oppression and ideological manipulation, fiction tends to escape from the safe confines of the book into the world and shape it as a place. It also provides a space in which the reader can reflect on reality, develop critical thinking and forms of resistance. Whether that place is utopia or dystopia, fiction constantly interrogates its blissful and damning force, and its capacity to ask uncomfortable questions, quarrel with the world, and imagine it anew.


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