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Most SPEC programs (programmes de spécialisation) include a final project  –or mémoire de spécialisation– that requires the student to demonstrate the practical skills that s/he has acquired and offer an analysis of the process.

SPEC projects in literary translation

Resp. Prof. Martine Hennard Dutheil on behalf of CTL: French-English/English-French translations in collaboration with a professional translator as mentor. The translation project and accompanying literary translation (60-80 pages) are examined by a professional and academic jury and the SPEC defense is similar to the mémoire defense (contact Martine.HennardDutheil@unil.ch for details).


  • Benisty, Yannick (English -> French), Angela Carter, Unicorn
  • Fuschetto, Roxane (English -> French), Anne Sexton, Love Poems
  • Kountangni, Monique (English -> French), Midori Snyder, The Armless Maiden
  • Lehmann, Susanna (English -> German), Linda Hogan, Mean Spirit
  • Mabut, Cloé (English -> French), Florence Parry Heide, Fables you shouldn’t pay any attention to
  • McMullin, Marie (English -> French), Carol Ann Duffy, The World’s Wife
  • Simoes Costa, Laura. Internship for Grimm’s translation paradigms UNIL conference + report
  • Simoes Costa Laura. (English -> French), Joyce Carol Oates, The Crossing
  • Wienand, Isabelle Madelon : Tom Dreyer, The Long Wave, chapt. 1-4 (English -> French)


  • Davis, Hannah (French -> English): Claire Krähenbühl, ‘La Scène’ and ‘Voix’
  • Kountangni, Monique (French/English): editorial internship (Etudes de Lettres, no 310: La nouvelle jeunesse des contes: transcréations des recueils de Perrault et des Grimm, ed. Cyrille François et Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère)
  • Manz, Chloé  (English -> French): Suzette Haden Elgin, Native Tongue
  • Rizet, Océane. ‘The First and Last Journeys of Thoreau’.
  • Rizet, Océane. ‘Angela Carter, ou les ‘objets trouvés’ en traduction: de Baudelaire à Black Venus’ (academic translation)


  • Davis, Hannah (French -> English), academic paper presented at a conference (Gull-uni-vers: Gulliver’s Travels à travers les langues, les genres et les médias), and article for publication: The Abbé Desfontaines in the land of the Belles Infidèles (2018)
  • Mabiala, Lila (French-> English), Philippo Della Croce, Jeremy Cobhan (2015)
  • Meyer, Mathilde (English -> French), Brie Spangler, Beast (2016)


  • Daniel Baumgartel (French-> English), Laura Alcoba, Le bleu des abeilles (2013)
  • Frederic Guignard (English -> French), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The Time Story and Other Short Stories (2006) + academic translation
  • Simona Mazzarelli (English -> French), David Greig, Dunsinane
  • Charlotte Mohr (English -> French), Amelia Gray, Threats (2012)


  • Carina Carballo: Leslie Marmon Silko’s « Storyteller » (English-> French) + academic translation (English-> French): « Ecrire à travers le miroir des langues: les poétiques traductives d’Angela Carter »
  • Katrin Meyfarth, (German -> English):  Ingomar von Kieseritzky, Das Buch der Desaster (1988)
  • Chiara Basile (English -> Italian): Nancy Huston, Sweet Agony



  • Lorrain Voisard (English -> French): Tim Price, Teh Internet Is Serious Business
  • Chiara Basile (English -> Italian): Nancy Huston, Sweet Agony
  • Julie Sirbû (English -> French): Neil Forsyth on Eden as Wonderland
  • François Tine (English -> French): Alice Walker, The Third Life of Grange Copland(1stchapter).
  • Sarah Dupertuis (English -> French): Matthew Calarco article for Visage volume
  • Juliette Loesch (English -> French): Rachel Falconer, Levi article by for Visage volume
  • Kate-Elisabeth Granges (French -> English): Xavière Gauthier, Surréalisme et Sexualité(1stchapter)
  • Kristen Gehrman (French -> English + mini-mémoire): Parmi la jeunesse russe, Ella Maillard



  • Celia Mehou-Loko (English -> French): ‘The Tale of the Bird’ and ‘The Tale of the Rose’ in Emma Donoghue, Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins (1997)
  • Valerya Vershinina (French-> English + mini-mémoire): ‘Les sept géantes’ in Pierrette Fleutiaux, Métamorphoses de la reine (1990)
  • Sarah Dupertuis (English -> French + mini-mémoire): Someone: A Novel, Alice McDermott (2013)
  • Pauline Bruttin (English-> French + mini-mémoire): The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri (2013)


SPEC projects in text edition and book history


  • Marshall, Camille. "The Meditations Upon the Seven Days of the Week, Translated by Dame Eleanor Hull: An Edition of the Meditations for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday." Dir. Denis Renevey.
    (Transcription of Cambridge University Library MS Kk. I. 6, text edition -incl. glossing-, introduction to text and reflective dossier)



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