Creative Break

Expressive Workshop

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A creative break, every two weeks, Friday at noon ...

Take a healing time through creativity.
Proposed techniques: various paintings (acrylic, gouache, watercolor), pencils, pastels, clay, collage, engraving, land art.

Painting, modeling - without pressure or expectation from an aesthetic point of view - can allow us to reconnect with our bodily sensations, to descend from the head to the body, and thus to connect with our inner resources and better to manage stress.

Sessions take place in groups, but participants create individually; at the end of each session, they can record their impressions and feelings in a personal logbook.
Possibility to share a meal at the end of each session.

It is not necessary to have special knowledge or gifts in artistic creation to participate in the Creative Break! It's not a painting class either, but it's a time of healing and free expression ...

Open group, participants come when they want; for practical reasons, it is preferable to announce yourself in advance to the following address (or 079 639 99 64).

When: Fridays every weeks, from 12.15 to 12.55, from 20.09.2019.
How much: 5 frs for the semester (material), regardless of the number of sessions

Where: Chaplaincy UNIL, Amphipôle 249


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