Creative Break

Every Friday

Multicolored painting palette with brush.

Take time to recharge your batteries through creativity. Better manage stress, with a creative activity that allows you to refocus. The fact of painting, of drawing - without pressure or waiting from an aesthetic point of view - can allow us to reconnect with our bodily sensations, to come down from the head to the body, and thus to connect with our inner resources. Techniques offered: paintings, pencils, collage, land art ...

On registration

For reasons of space and organization, thank you for registering!

September 24th 2021  


1st 2021 (no meeting on October 8th) 15th 2021   22th 2021 (no meeting on October 29th)


05th 2021    12th 2021   19th 2021   26th 2021


3rd 2021    10th 2021 17th  2021


Cost: 5 frs for the semester

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