Military Service

Leave requests are issued by the secretariat of each faculty. The Liaison Office advises and assists students to combine their studies with long periods of military service.

Make an appointment by phone:

Office de liaison Région territoriale 1
Case postale 208
CH –1110 Morges 1
Tel. +41 (0)21 804 62 20


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Loss of earnings insurance

This insurance compensate a part of the loss of earnings suffered by persons performing military service or serve in civil defense.

Applications/ forms for allocations reimbursement should be sent to the following address:

Agence communale d'assurance sociale
Case postale 5032
CH-1002 Lausanne

This applies to all students over 21 (or under 21 if domiciled in Lausanne) enrolled at the University of Lausanne, including students domiciled outside Lausanne and Vaud.

For students under 21 years not domiciled in Lausanne, you must send the application to the communal treasury AVS your place of residence.

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