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What are the matriculation and the registration at UNIL? | Re-enrolment | Ex-matriculation

What are the matriculation and the registration at UNIL?

The matriculation is the authorisation given by the University to students to register in a Faculty. The registration gives students access to lectures, seminars and practical and lab work, required for a university degree. In addition, the conditions of registration for the exams specified in the regulations of the faculties and schools have to be met. Find all the information on the Admission Service website.




Deadlines for the Bachelor and the Master programmes

Students who have been registered at the University of Lausanne have to submit a request for re-enrolment (“réimmatriculation”) and an updated CV to the Admissions Service before :

- 30 April (autumn semester)
- 30 November (spring semester)

The request form for re-enrolment (“réimmatriculation”)

Master programmes: students who wish to study in a Master programme of another faculty have to fill in the request form for enrolment (“immatriculation”).

Doctorates: you have obtained a Master degree at UNIL and wish to pursue your studies with a PhD-programme. For more information.

Medicine: see the deadlines.


Find all the information and form on the website of the Admission Service.





- 15th October (autumn semester)
- 15th March (spring semester)

If a request for exmatriculation is submitted after 15th October (for the autumn semester) or 15th March (for the spring semester), the ex-matriculation will take effect only at the end of the current semester. No refunds will be made, neither of the tuition fees nor of the semester fees.

Find more on the website of the Admission Service.

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