Chinese Calligraphy

Specific skills module, intensive, during the inter-semester period

The “Specific Skills” modules develop specific competences in language and communication, to enable learners to participate more effectively in academic, professional or social situations.

Learning outcomes

  • Select suitable materials: China ink, rice paper, Chinese paintbrush
  • Discover the features of Chinese calligraphy (richness, finesse, strong and rhythmic strokes) by practising.
  • Write characters, respecting stroke order and, specific movements, as well as the structure and logic of Chinese calligraphy (create a personalised greetings card)
  • Develop self-control by thinking about posture and breathing while writing in a quiet atmosphere
  • Understand how Chinese calligraphy has evolved, its graphic aspect, as well as different calligraphy styles and their times, signification and use

Course equipment

Your teacher will inform you of the specific equipment you need for this course: Master Liu Gongquan’s (Tang Dynasty) exercise book – paper – China ink – ink brush – calligraphy carpet. The total cost of this equipment will be around CHF 25.

Practical information

Summer intersemester 2 weeks
4 periods/day (13h15-16h30)
05-16 July 2021
Pre-registration period Only for intersemester courses Dates
Levels For all levels
beginners included
Fees Language Center courses are only for members of the UNIL community (with a few exceptions) All information
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