Social and Professional Interaction in English: face-to-face Communication at Conferences and Events (during intersemesters)

attention.jpg This module is for doctoral students, researchers and teachers in all disciplines.

Would you like to feel more confident when interacting in English in social and professional situations? Establish and maintain an academic and professional network in an international environment, for developing your career and establishing cooperative partnerships? This module is for you!

Learning outcomes

  • Greeting and introductions (formal and informal)
  • Initiate, maintain and conclude a conversation, and then move on
  • Talk concisely and effectively about one's research
  • Ask effective questions and respond to questions (formal and informal)
  • Invite and accept/decline an invitation
  • Express opinions, tell stories
  • Understand verbal and visual clues (e.g., body language)


Theory and interactive workshop, followed by role-plays and discussions. The focus is on interacting in conference and professional event situations.

Practical information

Pre-registration period only for intersemestre courses Dates
Dates Winter intersemester
Summer intersemester
Tuesday 26 January 2021
To be defined
Duration 1 day 8 periods/day (9h00-16h30)
Required level From B1/B2 Level descriptor
Language Center courses are only for members of the UNIL community With a few exceptions All information
Fees for this specific module UNIL doctoral students
UNIL researchers
UNIL Teaching staff
CHF 72.-
CHF 96.-
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