ATTENTION | How to set the answering machine? | How to redirect? | How to display CCI in OWA? | How to display the headers of an email in owa? | How to request a read receipt? | How to enable automatic confirmation? | How to display all emails? | What is the "trash of the trash basket"? | I am on Linux, how can I set up my mail client? | Part of the text of my email is in an attached file


Cette doc n'est plus à jour, veuillez vous référer à la documentation ici: https://wiki.unil.ch/ci/books/messagerie/page/faq

How to set the answering machine?

You must configure your answering machine directly to the OWA Web client.

To do so:

  1. Connect to the OWA platform through your browser at: https://www.owa.unil.ch
  2. Enter your username / password
  3. Once in the interface click the cogwheel on the top right and on "option"

  4. In option, choose “organiser la messagerie”

  5. Then “réponses automatiques"

  6. You can then tick the option “Envoyer des réponses automatiques"

  7. Beware with Exchange you have to set two answers: one for the Unil's employees and one for message coming from outside. To do so select “Envoyer des réponses automatiques aux expéditeurs externes"


Do not forget to turn off the option when you return!

How to redirect?

You must configure the redirection rule directly on the OWA web client

Please note that right now the rule configuration in OWA does not work with the Chrome browser! Use Firefox or Safari.

In OWA, you can create forwarding rules to automatically sort emails into folders or send the email directly to another address. There are many possibilities of organization, we will take the example of an automatic redirection of an email coming from another address.

  1. Select the menu "option" through the cogwheel

  2. Select “organiser la messagerie”
  3. Under "règle de la boite de réception", click on the cross to add a rule

  4. To create a redirection click on “créer une règle pour les messages entrants"

  5. Then select "A été reçu de” under “Lorsque le message arrive et…"

  6. You can then add the name of the expeditor that will have his messages redirected:


  7. Finally choose to which address the email will be redirected with “Effectuer les opérations suivantes” —> “redirigé le message vers"

  8. Save the rule.

How to display CCI in OWA?

  1. In the web client owa.unil.ch, click on new message
  2. You can then click on  ‘…’ situated just after application:

  3. Select "afficher le champ Cci":


How to display the headers of an email in owa?

When you notice a fraudulent email on your email box (spam, fishing) and wish to report it to the Helpdesk to improve the spam filter, it is necessary to send us the headers of the message.

Attention must perform this operation on the web application (OWA).

  1. Select the fraudulent email 
  2. In the option bar, click on "..." 
  3. Select “afficher les détails du message"
  4. A "pop-up" window appears
  5. Copy/paste the all the details to the Helpdesk (helpdesk@unil.ch)


Eventually you can delete the fraudulent email.

How to request a read receipt?

  1. Create a new message
  2. Click on the "..."
  3. Select "afficher les options de messagerie"


  4. Select the confirmation you desire
    • reading: the receiver will be able to confirm he read the email (if he uses OWA)
    • reception: Exchange will give you the confirmation that the email was sent and received by the receiver but you will not be able to know if it was read


  5. Send your email

How to enable automatic confirmation?

  1. If you would like to always send read receipts, select "Options" -> "Settings"

  2. On the right you will find the option to select


How to display all emails?

By default, the Exchange Control on iPhone displays only the last week emails. Here's how to display more. REQUIREMENTS: have configured iPhone for Exchange


  1. Go in settings
  2. Select Mails, Contacts, Calendriers


  3. Select your Exchange account

  4. Click on Emails à synchr.


  5. Select an option in the list

  6. Here you go!

What is the "trash of the trash basket"?

The "trash baskets" is an Exchange feature that can recover to some extent, the messages that have been emptied after deletion.

Please note this feature is only available if you use OWA or Outlook web application. Indeed, Apple Mail complete deletes the elements from the recycle bin and items are no longer available in the "trash baskets."

To use the trash baskets, you must pass through the OWA web application.

  1. Select the inbox “Éléments supprimés”, if this inbox is empty but you think you have an email to get back
  2. Right-click and select “récupérer les éléments supprimés…"

  3. A "pop-up" window appears and you enables to select deleted emails that you want to recuperate

  4. Look for the email you want to get back then select the email and click on “récupérer"

  5. Validate


Right now the search function does not work properly, the email must be searched manually.

I am on Linux, how can I set up my mail client?

The Ci recommend using OWA

  1. We advise Linux users working on to go through the web interface owa.unil.ch. This is the best solution to enjoy all the possibilities of this system (email, calendar, tasks, contacts)
  2. the quota of 5GB available is not enough, we invite them to contact our help desk to request a duly justified extension
  3. Generic parameters are available for configuring a third-party messaging software (IMAP messaging management only).
  4. Warning, only the software mentioned in the Exchange configuration pages are officially supported.

Part of the text of my email is in an attached file

Some of your recipient tells you they did not get your entire email or that parts of it are in an attached file. If so, you're probably running a Mac with the Mail software.

This happens because Microsoft Exchange Server is reformatting messages sent through it. As soon as the server sees one attachment in a message, it stops looking for text, and treats anything else in that message as an attachment.

To work around this issue, do as follow:

  1. In the Mail app, click on Edit
  2. Click on Attachements
  3. Make sur that "Always Send Windows-Friendly Attachments" et "Always Insert Attachments at End of Message" are checked.


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