Avoid phishing attempts

What is this?

Phishing is a fraudulent method used by cyber criminals in order to steal your personal sensitive information (e.g. username, password, date of birth, credit card number) and then use your electronic identity.

A phishing attempt usually looks like an e-mail:

  • which pretends to by sent by a trustwothy authority, such as a bank, an administration or a company
  • which uses the pretext of needing to control your personal information (even threatening you to close your account if you do not reply)
  • in order to ask you to send them your username, password, credit card number, etc. either by e-mail, or through a hyperlink to a form on a fake web page.

Once the cyber criminals have captured your personal access codes and details, they can access your data and use you identity in fraudulent operations.


How to avoid it?

Remember that no bank, administration or company will ever ask you by e-mail to send them your personal information. So if you receive a message asking you for such information, you must:

  • neither click on the hyperlinks in this message
  • nor answer this message
  • forward this message to our Help desk (helpdesk@unil.ch), with full headers, in order to allow us to seek for the phishing sender

Cyber criminals are still launching phishing attempts because they can still fool some naive users with this method. Their messages and fake websites are sometimes pretty good imitations. You can even receive e-mails pretending to by sent by the UNIL (for example by the help desk or the computer centre), so beware of them. If you want to check a hyperlink in a message and are unsure about the real sender, do not click on it, but instead type the website address in your browser.


If it happens with your UNIL account

If unfortunately you have been abused by a phising attempt,
please change your password immediately:

  1. go to this page
  2. follow the "changer de mot de passe" link

If you are not sure about what to do, call our help desk:
021 692 22 11 (open from 8 to 17).

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Tél. +41 21 692 22 11
Fax +41 21 692 22 05