Using your private e-mail address with your address

| Transfer your e-mails to another e-mail address

By using the following configuration, you are entrusting your own data to companies that are external to the UNIL; this is why the Centre informatique does not offer any support regarding the utilisation of these websites and can in no means be held responsible for any kind of damage that were to happen due to your use of these websites.


Transfer your e-mails to another e-mail address

1. Log into with your UNIL credentials
2. Go to the “Options” menu


3. Under the “Organize email” section click on “+”
4. Select “Create a new rule for arriving messages”


5. Name the rule, choose “Apply to all messages” and “Redirect the message to…”
6. Type in the private e-mail address you want to use for the transfer
7. Click on the “Save” button


8. Finish the procedure by accepting the warning message


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