Software available to every employee

The Centrale d'Achats of our IT department has launched its new software distribution platform: You can visit this page to learn about available software and directly order them. Remember that you have to have an active contract and an inventoried computer to install UNIL-licensed software.

Special cases (VMware and scientific software):

  • VMware Fusion Pro: this software is not offered by the UNIL Direction and will have to be ordered by your IT Manager. Simply write an email to, and also indicate if you want to run a Windows virtual machine.
  • GraphPad Prism: yearly licenses are renewed each year in April, and cost around 50.- CHF thanks to a collaboration with the CHUV and the FBM. A survey form is sent to every CIG group one month before the actual date. Its purpose is to see how many icenses to be used by the group in the coming year so that we can plan ahead and order the right amount.
  • SnapGene: this software is now available through distrisoft.



Secure-unil and Eduroam

The recommended WIFI configuration for UNIL members if you don't have access to the wired network (ethernet cables) is made using either secure-unil or eduroam networks.

Installation guides (PDF format) can be found on the following page:



Ask for a WiFi guest-pass by sending a motivated request to



There is now a new way for non-academic visitors to connect to the public-unil wifi, using an SMS-code for auto-registration. Simply connect to this Wifi and click on the "Auto-enregistrement par SMS" link. More info in the Visitors section of the following page:

Crypto and VPN

Crypto: access the UNIL network from home

Crypto is the name given to the UNIL's VPN solution (more info here). There are two ways to connect to it: on your browser or via the Pulse Secure application.

The former is essentially meant to access the UNIL internal resources (web pages, servers) directly from your browser.

The latter is meant to provide your computer with a unique IP address belonging to the UNIL network. This allows you to navigate the Internet or connect to servers on the UNIL network without having to go through Crypto's gateway and is thus more transparent.


Informations and installation instructions

Connection via browser

Connection via Pulse Secure VPN client



The CI (IT department of the UNIL) provides CrashPlan PROe, a software used to automate backups of your data. The only requirement is the registration of your computer in the UNIL inventory (cf. Software section of this FAQ). That is generally the case if your computer was bought through the Centrale d'achat.

To benefit from this offer, follow the instructions written on this page:

Saving data from your personal computer: CrashPlan PROe


Printers - PrintUNIL


There are PrintUNIL printers on every floor in the Genopode building:

  • in front of the CIG magasin (shop) on the 1st floor
  • in the administration lobby on the 2nd floor
  • generally on the south hall on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor

 To install it, please follow this guide: install PrintUNIL


Other printers

If you have trouble installing a printer, contact


Rules and Security

Collaborators at the CIG must be aware of and comply to the UNIL's internal rules, including the rules concerning IT (section 6). These rules are available at the following address (with an emphasis on 6.2 and 6.3): Directives internes



Symantec Endpoint Protection

The antivirus protection suite by Symantec is available on the following page (authentication required):

Free Antivirus

If you think Symantec is too restrictive, too big and/or simply don't want to install it, the following antivirus softwares should do the trick:

  • for Windows: Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender (already included with Windows 8 and Windows 10)
  • for OS X: an antiviral software is already integrated with this OS and will work transparently and efficiently as long as you keep laptop up-to-date.
Mail configuration

More info on the E-Mail/Exchange page of the CI


Some things that might fix your problems

  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. Have you tried deleting the cache and cookies of your web browser?
  3. Have you tried updating to the latest version?

And remember folks, electronic violence is useless :)


Remote support

Download and install the application below, then call the CIG IT Support at the following number: 40 29, or alternatively send your request to

Download Mac application

Download Windows application

Download Linux application

Download smartphone and tablet application
(iOS, Android, Windows 8)


Secure connection with unique and one-time access codes for one intervention only, in your presence and with your approval.
(used software : TeamViewer)