Body Temperature and Locomotor Activity

Temperature/Activity (Telemetry)

telemetry.jpgHandling and restraint induce stress responses that are highly detrimental to measurements of stress-sensitive physiologic parameters such as body temperature. As differential stress responses between groups cannot be discriminated from innate differences in the measured parameter, artifactual measurements can often lead to erroneous conclusions.

The DSI PhysioTel® telemetry system allows the online monitoring of body temperature and locomotor activity in mice while they move freely within their cages. A miniature radioemitter device is implanted in mice as small as 17g and does not interfere with normal biological functions, including pregnancy (reference:

The system allows the high-resolution measurement of body core temperature (natural circadian variations and/or thermoregulatory responses to experimental treatments) in control or transgenic/knockout mice.

A minimum of 8 mice per group should be sent to our facility, one week prior to the experiment.

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