Phenotyping Facility

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The missions of the Phenotyping Facility include

  • The immuno / histologic phenotyping of engineered mice strains,
  • The development of immunohistology protocols for specific antibodies,
  • The training and advising of CIG members on available technologies.
  • The adaptation of Histology protocols to cultures cells, Drosophila and Arabidobsis.



  • Advice and collaborations on CIG projects
  • Development of protocols tailored to each antibody
  • Hands-on training of CIG members on the equipment (Cryostat, Microtome, etc…)
  • Training of CIG members in histology practice
  • Test/benchmark the newly released products and technologies
  • Manage a stock of secondary antibodies and some common primary antibodies


  • Dissection and Fixation
  • Tissue paraffin embedding and sectioning
  • Tissue freezing and cryosectioning
  • Fluorescence and Enzymatic immunohistochemistry techniques
  • In Situ Hybridization
  • Standard topographic colorations
  • Specific colorations (e.g. for fat, elastic fibers, iron…)
  • Acquisition of pictures by both transmission and fluorescence microscopy

Terms of use of the service

The service is free. For immunohistochemistry, users will provide their own antibodies.

General terms apply as described here.

It is highly recommended to contact Catherine Roger before starting the project in order to discuss the procedures (tissue collection, preparation, etc).


Catherine Roger,
Head of the facility 2013 021 692 41 32
Frédéric Preitner,
SSC coordinator 5023 021 692 41 43


Rooms, equipment & link to other relevant facilities

  • Immuno / histology lab
  • Cryostats
  • Manual microtomes
  • Tissue embedding center
  • Automatic Tissue Processor
  • Coverslippers
  • Microscope (fluo, brightfield)
  • Room 2013
  • 2x CryoStar HM 550 M; CryoStar NX50
  • 2x Microm HM 310
  • 2x MICROM 350; Leica EG1140H
  • Leica TP1020
  • SAKURA; Leica CV5030
  • Zeiss Axio Imager M1; Nikon ECLIPSE 90i (scanner)

For the equipment booking, click here

  • Biofluid assays
  • Genotyping
  • Metabolic analyses
  • Bioinformatics support
  • Consulting exp. Design

Protocols & reagents

  • Staining protocols (Please contact us)
  • Secondary Antibodies (Please contact us)
  • Primary antibodies (Please contact us)


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