The Bioinformatics and Metabolic facility can combine statistical and experimental expertises to comprehensively support animal experimenters in the various aspects of experimental design as well as veterinary applications.



  • Consulting on experimental design: groups, methods, design strategies
  • Power calculation to define group sizes
  • Define endpoints and statistical analysis before the beginning of the experiments
  • Support for the veterinary applications by providing advice and relevant resources (score sheets, protocols, examples of successful applications, etc)

Terms of use of the service

The service is free.

General terms apply as described here.

It is highly recommended to contact René Dreos or Frederic Preitner before starting the project in order to setup optimal experimental conditions overall. It is always more difficult and scientifically objectionable to change experimental or analytical procedures once the experiments have started.


René Dreos
Biostatistician 5003.1 021 692 40 44
Frédéric Preitner,
SSC Coordinator 5023 021 692 41 43


Link to other relevant facilities

  • Biofluid assays
  • Immuno/histology
  • Genotyping
  • Metabolic analyses

Protocols & reagents

  • Score sheets, in vivo protocols, examples of successful applications, etc. (Please contact us)