Metabolic Analyses in Mice

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The Mouse Metabolic Evaluation Facility (MEF) proposes to CIG users a wide repertoire of in vivo analyses in mice models of obesity/diabetes. Support to users varies on demand from a single analysis, to a full commitment from experimental design to data generation and manuscript writing.


Terms of use of the service

Services that do not require consumable are free: Assessment of Energy Homeostasis ; Injections & infusions.

For services that require consumable, please request a quote: Analysis of Biofluid Parameters ; Assessment of Glucose Homeostasis ; Assessment of Lipid Homeostasis.

General terms apply as described here. Additional terms are found here below.

Animal Guidelines

Before transmitting mice to the MEF, please make sure to fulfill all following requirements.

  1. Before any access to MEF, users must follow an introduction to the good practices of the facility.
  2. Animal experimentation Authorizations (e-tierversuche): prior to any mouse experiment at MEF, all relevant animal study protocols must be approved by the Canton Veterinary Office (SCAV).
  3. Mice inventory in PyRat: all Mice hosted at MEF must be relocated to the MEF in PyRaT, the mouse inventory online system. Change mice status in PyRat after sacrifice.


For any service request please contact to ensure proper transmission of information to the staff.

Guy Niederhauser
(Calorimetry & Biofluid Assays) 5014 021 692 39 88
Anabela Pimentel
(Glycemic Clamps & Biofluid Assays) 5014 ---
Frédéric Preitner,
Coordinator 5023 021 692 41 43


Rooms, equipment & link to other relevant facilities

  • Biofluid assays
  • Immuno/histology
  • Genotyping
  • Bioinformatics support
  • Consulting exp. Design

Informations, protocols

  • Protocols for e-tierversuche
  • Protocols for common metabolic analyses


  • Microdialysis pumps
  • Food grinder
  • Feeders for powdered food (compound supplementation or manual feeding measurement)
  • Bomb calorimeter
  • Metabolic cages for urine/feces collection (16x)
  • EchoMRI (body composition in mice)
  • Indirect calorimeter (CLAMS, Columbus, 12 cages)
  • Metabolic treadmills 2x 5 lanes
  • Online Feeding measurement/pair feeding (Phenomaster 24 cages)
  • Temperature-controlled chamber (4- 33°C) with cage rack
  • Thermic camera for infrared imageing
  • Electronic rectal thermometer for mice
  • Telemetric measurement of body temperature / locomotor activity
  • N2 flow drier for organic solvents


Publications involving MEF (with or without authorship) – Note: MEF was a faculty facility from 2007 to 2018.

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