Collection of Urine and Feces

Collection of urine & feces in metabolic cages

Metabolic cages from tecniplast (reference: Tecniplast 3600M021) are designed for the immediate and complete separation of urine and feces, allowing their quantitative and reliable collection over periods of 24 hours. For sensitive applications, urine can be collected on ice in order to preserve sample integrity.

Urine analyses can be subsequently performed in our Blood Chemistry or Hormones & Cytokines facility.

16 metabolic cages are available. A minimum of 8 mice per group should be sent to our facility, one week prior to the experiment.

Please contact us.

Collection of feces in native cages

The use of a special bedding allows for the quantitative collection of feces in native cages over longer periods of time when greater samples of feces are required, such as for the assessment of energy content in feces by bomb calorimetry or stool lipid content.