The CIG workshop provides technical support to the CIG.


  • First – line maintenance and repairs of basic electrical or mechanical failures of equipment.
  • Equipment installation at CIG
  • Equipement move within the CIG
  • Resource for tools for professional use within the CIG.

Terms of use of the service

Replacement parts for in-house repairs will be charged.

General terms apply as described here. Summary of the major points:

  • Maintenance of common equipment: small repairs will be handled internally. External interventions from repair services can be organized by equipment managers only once they receive approval from SSC.
  • The move of big equipment within CIG is coordinated exclusively by the SSC staff.
  • Tools can be borrowed from the workshop under strict conditions. A request must be addressed to the workshop manager (contact Tools can thereafter be borrowed for a limited amount of time, for professional use in safe conditions within the CIG.

Request an intervention

Send a request by email (


Guy Niederhauser 1022.2 021 692 39 52
Frédéric Preitner,
Coordinator 5023 021 692 41 43


Borrow a tool

Please contact us (