Post doc

The CIG counts among its members around 50 postdoctoral fellows, coming from all around the world and pursuing highly diverse research projects that reflect the integrated research axes of the different CIG groups. Doing a postdoc at the CIG is thus a great opportunity to work with researchers from many horizons and with diverse interests.  It is also an opportunity to meet and interact with world renowned scientists, both from Switzerland and from all over the world, as the CIG (and neighboring research institutes) host many seminars and symposia.

Post-doctoral fellows have a representative at the CIG direction committee, and the Center welcomes and actively supports initiatives from its junior scientists in terms of organization of seminars, workshops, and social events.

The CIG is an English-speaking work environment. It offers exceptional research infrastructure and access to cutting edge technologies. Postdoctoral fellows are hired by group leaders, who should be contacted directly by interested candidates.