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INTERNORM, an interactive knowledge center in international standardization

INTERNORM is a three year pilot project funded by the University of Lausanne (2010-2013). The project is under the responsibility of Jean-Christophe Graz, Professor of International Relations at the University of Lausanne. INTERNORM is conceived as an interactive knowledge center based on the sharing of academic skills and the experiences accumulated by the civil society (especially consumer associations, environmental associations and trade unions) in order to strengthen the participatory process of standardization. The project provides cognitive ressources to civil society actors through the involvement of experts from the University and abroad as well as a financial support for their participation in committees - membership fees, travels and accommodation costs.

INTERNORM is an official member of the Swiss standardization association (SNV) since April 2011 and participates in ISO technical committees on tourism (ISO TC 228) and nanotechnologies (ISO TC 229)