Statistical consulting service of the Institute of Psychology


The Institute of psychology provides statistical consulting for our Master students, PhD students, postdocs, MER, and professors.

It provides support for statistical and programming questions as well as additional resources to facilitate your research (for example R, jamovi, Python, MPlus, SPSS).

Below you will find further information regarding the services available for you.


This section is dedicated to the statistical consulting for Master students.

Please note that the services provided are only addressed to Master thesis/ dissertation students (Mémoire de Master).

Email R support

Contact the R support team for specific R code problems you cannot resolve.

However, before doing so, please make sure that you have exhausted the online recourses.

If you still struggle to resolve the problem, contact us.

This option is only for R syntax questions and not for statistical problems or for any other software.


Statistical Consulting

A consultancy is offered to students regarding model designing and statistical questions. The main goal of statistical consulting is help finding the right model given the specific data set and problems.

However, we also offer support for designing studies as many problems cannot be solved once the data is collected.

Please apply the following steps before contacting us:

  • Consult your supervisor

You have discussed your question with your supervision and have agreed on an external statistical consultancy.

  • CC your supervisor

When contacting us, make sure to cc your supervision in the email.

  • Be specific

Specify your question and describe your data set (research design, DV and IVs including sample items, sample size, hypothesis, model considered, specific problem, assumed model, etc)

Duration: 1-2 hours