Brigitte Schurch

Prof Brigitte Schurch
Head of the Neurourology Unit
Laboratory of Cognitive Science

Service of neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation (NPR)

Keywords: Neurourology, Neurogenic bladder, Urodynamic, Botulinum toxin, Sacral neuromodulation, Brain imaging, Neural plasticity, Spinal cord injury, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson

Research interests
The research activity is an integrated part of the Neurourology center usual activities. The research activity is divided into two main categories:
> Clinical: in partnership with all the units of the Department of Neuroscience (Neurology, Neurorehabilitation, Neurosurgery as well as with the Department of Urology, the Department of Interventional Radiology, the Department of Internal Medicine (Geriatrics Unit) in CHUV, but also with other university hospitals, including those from Zurich, Marseille, Paris, Montreal and London.
> Fundamental: mainly in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL, Prof. Courtine. Our clinical research focuses on the study of new therapies used in the management of voiding disorders and their clinical outcomes. Assessing functional reorganization of the spine and the brain after lesions of the spinal cord is another of our centers of interest. In collaboration with the University of Paris, the Internal Continence Society and the European Board of Rehabilitation we are currently working in a full program of basic educational videos dedicated to rehabilitation physicians. The aim of this task is to provide high quality courses based on evidence based medicine to all rehabilitation physicians interested in neurogenic lower urinary tract diseases or having patients who suffer from neurogenic pelvic disorders. The complete diagnostic instrumentation as well as therapeutic armamentarium will be taught.
Our fundamental research focuses on the study of structural and functional change of the spinal cord and brain after peripheral nerves and spinal cord stimulation. In collaboration with the Internal Consultation on Incontinence, we are also researching on the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin A and sacral nerve stimulation in the treatment of overactive bladder/detrusor overactivity as well as interstitial cystitis.

Laboratory’s activity
The Neurourology center in CHUV has been created in May 2012, after the arrival of Prof. Brigitte Schurch, who was nominated to achieve this task and on a regular basis treat. The Neurourology center is a co-venture between the Department of Urology and the Department of Neuroscience. It takes care of patients with a large spectrum of nonneurogenic and neurogenic urological conditions. Nature of referrals can be very diverse and the neurourological diagnosis involve complex instrumental evaluations with the aim of identifying optimal treatment for each patient. Around 1000 patients are evaluated per year.

ORCID number: 0000-0003-4965-6898

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