Discover our new course soon

From 2024, we will be offering a new 4-week course. You'll be able to take courses from level A0 to C1 in both winter and summer.

Which course should you choose? We have the right course for you!

DISCOUNT for UNIL students

Students registered at UNIL* benefit from a 30% discount on the price of their chosen course(s) (discount not applicable to CQF exams).

Complete beginners course : CHF 680.- instead of CHF 970.-

Semi-intensive course: CHF 680.- instead of CHF 970.-

Intensive course: CHF 890.- instead of CHF 1270.-

*Discount granted on presentation of a certificate of enrolment at UNIL valid for the semester directly preceding or following your course (e.g. if you are taking a course in January-February 2024, you must present a certificate of enrolment for the autumn 2023 semester and/or spring 2024 semester).

The difference in price will be reimbursed upon receipt of the registration certificate, which must be presented to us no later than 30 days after the end of the course.

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