Intensive course

Characteristics of the Intensive course

The intensive course lasts all day long and lasts 3 weeks in winter and 3 or 6 weeks in summer. It is intended for people who want to learn french as a foreign language by enhancing their experience in an immersion situation and obtain ECTS credits and a grade. The content of the courses is from level A2 to C1, according to the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The intensive course aims at learning French through practical language activities and intends to take advantage of the experience of strangeness that every student who learns a language in an immersion situation has to go through, in order to progress in his learning of French and his environment. In these particular conditions, the participants share their experience of the French-speaking world and thus discover certain aspects of it through the eyes of the other.


It is possible to take the Intensive course 3 weeks with the "Introduction to Academic Texts" option  (level A2 must be reached). 
You can find a description of the course on Le Fil.


The Intensive Course can be chosen over 3 or 6 weeks. The 6-week version is only available in the summer and cannot be chosen with the "Introduction to Academic Texts" option.


Courses take place in the Anthropole bulding in Quartier Chamberonne of the UNIL campus.


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Registration for Winter 2022