ARCHIVE - Russian economics

Compte rendu du colloque - par D. Raskov


Workshop on the History of Russian Economics and statistics


Château de Dorigny, University of Lausanne
4–5 September 2009 


Friday 4 September 2009

14.00 Welcome address

Session I. Chairman: Danila Raskov

14.15 Introduction Lecture: Pascal Bridel (Lausanne)
Bortkiewicz and Walras. Notes on an aborted intellectual partnership

15.15 François Allisson (Lausanne)
Tugan-Baranovsky on Value and Price: the ‘Economic Plan’ as Go-Between

16.15 Coffee Break

Session II. Chairman: Pascal Bridel

16.45 Jérôme Lallement (Paris)
On political economy of socialism

17.30 Martine Mespoulet (Nantes)
The Use of Time Budget Surveys in USSR. Quantifying the social use of time



Saturday 5 September 2009

Session III. Chairman: Vladimir Avtonomov

9.15 Second Lecture: Joachim Zweynert (Hamburg)
Werner Sombart in the Russian Debates on Capitalism

10.15 Coffee Break & Exhibition
Clément Juglar in St. Petersburg (1897)

10.45 Amanar Akhabbar (Lausanne)
The Matrix of suspicion. The controversy on the “soviet origins” of input-output analysis as a language game

11.45 Harald Hagemann (Hohenheim)
Wassily Leontief and his German period

12.45 Lunch break

Session IV. Chairman: Harald Hagemann

14.15 François Allisson and Amanar Akhabbar (Lausanne)
Translation of Tugan-Baranovsky's 'Economic Science' (1898)
Translation of Popov and Litoshenko's papers (1926)

14.45 Danila Raskov (St. Petersburg)
Russian Social and Economic Utopias of 1910-1920’s Reconsidered

15.45 Vladimir Avtonomov (Moscow)
Economics in Russia and the West: the patterns of interrelations

16.45 End of labour-day

Organisation : Pascal Bridel, François Allisson and Amanar Akhabbar
Centre Walras-Pareto, University of Lausanne

Coordinateur : Amanar Akhabbar


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