Safety Rules at DBMV

Here below you find the Internal Safety Regulation of DBMV.

For additional information on Safety at UNIL visit the webpage: UNISEP – sécurité, environnement et prévention

Incident Report

Every employee must inform the department safety coordinator immediately following any event or near-miss that is considered significant in terms of hygiene, safety, occupational health, and environmental protection by filling in an Incident Report.


When should I submit an incident report?

a) the incident involves a person;
b) the incident causes material damage;
c) the incident causes significant damage to the environment;
d) the incident results from non-compliance of internal and legal regulations, or security measures

> Incident Report Guidelines

> Procedure in case of incident


Incident Report – Form

The Incident Report Form has to be completed and sended to the department safety coordinator (Syndie Delessert,

Safety Coordinator at DBMV

Syndie Delessert


Emergency on the Campus?

Call the:
115 from a fixed line
021-692-20-00 from a moblie phone