- Plant Cell Biology, Prof. J. Santiago
- Plant Physiology, Prof. C. Hardtke
- Plant Development, Prof. C. Hardtke
- Plant Genetics, Prof. Y Poirier
- Molecular Biology, Prof. E. Farmer, Dr. C. Nawrath
- Genomics, Prof. P. Reymond
- Plant Biochemistry, Prof. P. Goloubinoff



The DBMV participates to the Master Program "Master of Science in Molecular Life Science (MSc LMS) " with advanced courses in plant biology covering the following subjects :

- Plant functional genetics, Prof. Y Poirier
- Herbivory : Why is the earth green, Prof. E. Farmer
- Plant interactions with microbes and insects, Prof. P.   Reymond
- Biotechnology, Prof. Y. Poirier
- Protein homeostasy and adaptation of organisms to stress, Prof. P. Goloubinoff
- Perception of environmental signals in plants, Prof. C. Hardtke
- Molecular mechanisms of evolution, Prof. N. Geldner


Contributions to the teaching of vegetal biology are also given by Prof. C. Fankhauser of the Centre Intégratif de Génomique (CIG).



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