Alvarez Group - Ecological Genomics in Space and Time

We work in the field of Ecological Genomics, which examines how wild organisms and populations adapt to different environments.

Our group investigates :

  1. Genetic changes associated with ecological shifts and environmental perturbations
  2. Genetic and ecological mechansims associated with trophic changes
  3. Molecular processes associated with ecological diversification
  4. Comparative phylogeography in plants and associated pollinators and evolution of specificity in plant-insect interactions
  5. Molecular regulation associated with biotic and abiotic changes



RawGeno is an R CRAN library automating the scoring of AFLP electropherograms.
Its development is realized by Dr. Nils Arrigo (Univ. Lausanne). The library includes a graphical user interface to simplify its use.

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