Dr. Fanny Cavigliasso

Hello, I am Fanny,

I defended my PhD in December 2017 at the Institute of Sophia Agrobiotech (Sophia Antipolis, France). I did my research in the research group Evolution and Specificity of Multitrophic Interaction under the supervision of Dominique Colinet and Marylène Poirié. I did an experimental evolution to study the evolution of the virulence and venom composition of a parsitoid wasp (Leptopilina boulardi) in response to different host species (Drosophila melanogaster, D. simulans and D. yakuba). I also studied the effect of the temperature on the parasitoid virulence (parasitism success and venom composition) and on the host immune response (encapsulation against a parasitoid egg or an oil drop). 

Now I am a postdoc in Kawecki's group and I am taking the advantage of a long term experimental evolution (more than 200 generations) of D. melanogaster to study mechanisms of adaptation to chronic malnutrition. I am focusing on larvae and on physiological and metabolomic changes in response to a very poor diet. 

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Office room: 2107.2
Phone: +4121 692 4255

Member of Kawecki group