Alexandre Ding

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Research interests

The number of loci coding for a trait, their individual effects, and their interactions compose the genetic architecture of a trait. It influences adaptive processes. I am interested in the influence of the genetic architecture on the behaviour of adaptive processes. What are the equilibrium and dynamical properties of a biological system in function of the genetic architecture? I use theoretical approaches to gain some insights.

Two systems are used: (i) gametic frequencies under selection and (ii) known metabolic chains. The behaviour of such system is complex and not well understood (except in particular cases). When a trait is composed of one biallelic locus, heterosis is the only architecture that maintains polymorphism at equilibrium. It is not the case for less simple systems. What kinds of architecture maintain polymorphism? How does the architecture influence the rate of adaptation? How many equilibria exist? How far from reality are both systems?
Data on natural of artificial selection using real biological organisms can shed some light on the whole problem.

Keywords: multilocus system, metabolic chain, adaptation, natural & artificial selection, discrete system, non-linear system


Curriculum vitae

Born the 23rd of february 1974 Swiss Nationality Education since April 2001 PhD. Student, University of Lausanne with J. Goudet; Thesis: "The influence of genetic architecture on adaptive processes". 1994 - 2000 Master in Environmental Natural Science. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ); Master thesis: "The influence of sexual size dimorphism on mating behaviour in the dung flies Scathophaga stercoraria and Sepsis cynipsea". 1990- 1994 Graduate in Scientific Section Pierre Viret High School, Lausanne. Experiences since 2001 Assistant in statistics, experimental design, population genetics, botanic, zoology. 2000 Workshop on Evolutionary Biology (Guarda, Switzerland; Prof. S. Stearn). 1999 Field experiment: "The effect of human disturbance on the behaviour of water birds" (Centre de Conservation de la Faune, St-Sulpice; Dr. C. Neet). 1998 Field assistant for DEA students in biology, (Madagascar; Dr.R. Mulder)


Invited Speaker

Sept. 2004 Orsay, INRA; Title: "Conditions maintaining polymorphism under selection: (a) for a multilocus trait, and (b) for a genetic subsystem". April 2004 Montpellier, IRD; Title: "Equilibrium properties of genetic subsystems".


Oral Presentations

February 2004, Biology 04, Fribourg; Title: "Conditions maintaining polymorphism at k loci when fitness is coded by l loci (l>k)" Sept. 2003, European PhD Meeting, Fiesh; Title: "Heterozygote advantage for multilocus traits". June 2003, Evolution 03, Chico California; Title: "Influence of the number of loci on the maintenance of polymorphism under genotypic selection"


Posters Presentations

February 2003, Biology 03, Zürich; Title: "How is polymorphism maintained at multiple loci?" January 2003, Population Genetic Group, Leicester UK; Title: "How does the genetic architecture maintain allelic polymorphism?" April 2001, Meeting of the genetical society, Warwick; Title: "The influence of sexual size dimorphism on mating behaviour in the dung flies Scathophaga stercoraria and Sepsis cynipsea".


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