Daniel Kronauer

Research interest

I am interested in all aspects of social evolution, especially in ants. Most of my recent research has focused on army ants and the evolution of colony kin-structures. My general research interests include molecular phylogenetics, the evolution of social systems, social conflicts, and population genetics.


Curriculum Vitae

Apr - Aug 2008 Post-doc in Prof. L. Keller's group. University of Lausanne. Apr 2007 - Mar 2008 Post-doc in Prof. J. J. Boomsma's group. University of Copenhagen. Dec 2003 - Mar 2007 PhD. "Army ants - a study in molecular ecology and evolution". Supervisor: Prof. J. J. Boomsma. University of Copenhagen. Jun 2003 - Nov 2003 Research assistant in Prof. B. Hölldobler's and Prof. J. Gadau's group. University of Würzburg. Oct 1999 - Apr 2003 Biology Diploma. "Molecular phylogenetics and the evolution of slavery in honey ants (genus Myrmecocystus)". Supervisors: Prof. B. Hölldobler, Prof. J. Gadau. University of Würzburg. Jul 2000 - Jul 2001 Graduate student. Work on squirrel and gecko molecular phylogenetics in Prof. L. Roth's and Prof. J. Mercer's group. Duke University. Oct 1997 - Oct 1999 Biology Prediploma. University of Heidelberg.


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