Dr. Samuel Neuenschwander

During my PhD, I investigated the post-glacial recolonization history of European bullhead (Cottus gobio L.) across the Rhine-Rhône watershed in Western Switzerland. Particularly, I was interested if the presence of the bullhead in the Lake Geneva basin is compatible with a pure upstream colonization scenario or if the colonization has occurred across the Rhine-Rhône watershed in the wake of retreating glaciers. To investigate this question I have developed a computer program called AQUASPLATCHE simulating genetic diversity in populations living in linear habitats.

During my postdoc in the group of Jerome Goudet I will develop an individual-based model of structured populations experimenting different types of selection. Two specific aspects will be included in the model: the mating system of species, and the explicit genetic architecture of the traits under selection. This should allow to better understand the respective roles of dominance and epitasis in determining the evolutionary changes. It will also lead to the development of an open source library of statistical functions useful for population and quantitative genetics analyses.

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