Hélène Niculita

<i>Research Interests</i> | <i>Curriculum Vitae</i>

<i>Research Interests</i>

I am interested in the mechanisms of sex evolution and self/nonself recognition. In particular, I am interested in how symbiotic organisms, known to be asexual, continue to evolve and to adapt. Do they exchange genetic material and if how they recognize the self to the nonself?

The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are particularly interesting organisms to study these mechanisms. These fungi which symbiosis with plants is ancient, widespread and vital to the life of plants, are thought to be asexual. Moreover, a genetic exchange intra- and inter-isolates was recently discovered in our lab.

My current research objectives include elucidating the molecular mechanism of mating and self/nonself recognition in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Glomus intraradices. I'm employing methods from molecular-, population-, and phylogenetics to compare the genome of this AMF with their sexual relatives, to test theories for the maintenance of sex, to investigate the consequences of long-term asexual evolution on genome structure and to describe the evolution of self/nonself recognition system between fungi.


<i>Curriculum Vitae</i>

2002 - First assistant, Post doctorate researcher (Biology University, Lausanne). 1998 - 2002 Ph. D. Thesis (University Paris 6, France) with the highest honors Subject: Molecular evolution of the homeotic gene abdominal-A and morphological diversification of the abdomen in ants. 1997 - 1998 Master's Degree, in Genetics (DEA Génétique Cellulaire et Moléculaire, Université Paris 6, France) with honors «Bien» 1996 - 1997 Master of Sciences, in Cellular and Molecular Biology, option Genetic (University Paris 6, France) with honors «Assez Bien» 1995-1996 Bachelor in Sciences, in Cellular and Molecular Biology (University Paris 6, France) with honors «Assez Bien» 1992-1995 First degree, in Biology, Université René Descartes, Paris 5


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