Joséphine Daub

Research interests | Curriculum vitae

Research interests

My research interests are evolutionary and population genomics. I think it is fascinating that we are able to learn about important events in evolution by 'reading' the genome of humans and other species using biological models, mathematics and computer science.
During my PHD I will work on the detection of gene networks that have been the target of natural selection, using information on gene interactions and polymorphisms in humans and primates.


Curriculum vitae

2010 -
Ph.D. in Population Genomics, Laurent Excoffier’s lab, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern & Marc Robinson-Rechavi's lab, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne

2008 - 2010
Master of Science (MSc) in Grid Computing, track Computational Science - Bioinformatics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

2005 - 2008
Planner and coordinator of scheduling department at secondary school Weredi in Valkenswaard, Netherlands

1997 - 2004
Software developer at several companies

Mathematics teacher at secondary school Bisschop Bekkers College in Eindhoven, Netherlands

1992 - 1995
Bachelor in Mathematics Education, PTH Eindhoven, Netherlands


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