Nicolas Juillet

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Research Interests

I'm interested in the evolutionary ecology of deceptive orchids, especially in the relationships between European orchids, their pollinators and the rewarding species that flowers nearby. In fact, depending on their diversity, density and/or floral display, these co-flowering species can have a strong influence on the reproductive success of deceptive orchid species. I investigate various aspects of these interactions during my PhD project, mainly in Dactylorhiza sambucina and Traunsteinera globosa as model species.

I also work in collaboration with Sophie Dunand-Martin Botanical Gardens of Geneva on various questions involving in vitro culture of European orchids.


Curriculum Vitae

Born December 13th, 1978

PhD under the supervision of Dr Luc Gigord on the evolution of food-deception in European orchids

Master "Biodiversité et cosystèmes Fossiles et Actuels", University of Lille, France

Master thesis on the genetic structure of Silene vulgaris, under the supervision of Prof. Jérôme Goudet, University of Lausanne

Undergraduate studies in Biology, Universities of Chambéry and Grenoble, France.


Who I am not:

Nicolas Juillet, County councilor of Aube (French Department) Nicolas Juillet, Tennis and Basket Ball teacher in La Sorbonne, Paris Nicolas Juillet, PhD student in Grenoble (singer, juggler and geometricist)


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