Patrick Tran Van

I’m interested in working as a bioinformatics researcher and developer. In particular, my activities concern the development and application of statistical and computational methods to the analysis and interpretation of genetics data generated by high-throughput -omic experiments.

I’m currently involved in 2 main topics:

1) In synergia with Tanja Schwander and Marc Robinson-Rechavi groups, we are studying diversity of reproductive systems in animals, especially the genomic consequences of asexual arthropods reproduction compared to the sexual one.

2) Within Michel Chapuisat’s group, we are investigating the origin and maintenance of genetic polymorphisms that affect the variation of queen number in the Alpine silver ant Formica selysi.

My previous experiences were mainly focused on metagenomics, including studies of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and virus.
In short, I've designed and developed pipelines that allow for analysis of data from WGS and rRNA sequencing. Within this broad topic, I addressed three mains questions:

1) What kind of species I have in my community ?
2) What are they droing ?
3) How my communities are different from each other ?

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