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Myotis - Gibraltar

Multi-locus genotypes of the 29 Myotis myotis, 19 Myotis blythii and 30 Myotis cf punicus considered in: Castella, V., Ruedi, M., Excoffier, L., Iba-ez, C., Arlettaz, R. & Hausser, J. 2000. Is the Gibraltar Strait a barrier to gene flow for the bat Myotis myotis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)? Molecular Ecology 9: 1761-1772.


Myotis - Central Europe

Multi-locus genotypes of the 260 Myotis myotis considered in: Castella, V., Ruedi, M. & Excoffier, L. 2001. Contrasted patterns of mitochondrial and nuclear structure among nursery colonies of the bat Myotis myotis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 14: 708-720.


Crocidura russula

Genotypes of 142 individuals considered in: Balloux, F., Goudet, J., Perrin, N., 1998 Breeding system and genetic variance in the monogamous, semi-social shrew, Crocidura russula. Evolution 52: 1230-1235.


DNA fly lab supplement

Supplementary files described in; Parker, J. D., R.E. Ziemba, S. Cahan, and S.W. Rissing. 2004. An hypothesis driven molecular phylogenetics exercise for college biology students. Biomedical and Molecular Biology Education (In Press).


Sorex araneus group dataset reference

Dataset reference proposed to identify Sorex individuals in the Alps as considered in: Basset P, Yannic G, and Hausser J (2005) Genetic and karyotypic structure in the shrews of the Sorex araneus group: Are they independent? Molecular Ecology, in press

SOREXD~1.XLS  (66 Ko)


Thesis Jérôme Pellet

Data Set Reference

Hyla data.xls  (203 Ko)


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