Anabelle Reber

Research Interests

I am interested in evolution of sociality and in host-parasite interaction. In my PhD project, I use Formica selysi as model species to study two main aspects of social organisation.
The evolution of social insect colonies with multiple queens is a puzzle for evolutionnary biologists and a challenge to kin selection. F. selysi is a good model to study the causes and consequences of changes in social structure because single and multiple-queen colonies occur in the same population. The aim of this project is to test if queens originating from single- and multiple-queen colonies differ in colony founding ability and to study the factors controlling the acceptance of new queens.
Social insects are also particularly exposed to parasites because of their group-living lifestyle. However, social life also permits the evolution of new collective mean of defence. In the second part of my PhD project, I aim to study how fungal parasites affect colony organisation, colony foundation and behavioral defences in ants.


Curriculum Vitae

Studies in biology, University of Lausanne

Master thesis on "Genetic diversity and disease resistance: an experimental test in an ant with variable queen number".
Supervisors: Grégoire Castella, Philippe Christe and Michel Chapuisat

PhD in biology (Host-Parasite interactions), University of Lausanne, Supervisor: Michel Chapuisat


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Member of Keller group