Anne Dubuis

Research interests

I am interested in plant ecology and botany particularly in mountain environment.
The aim of my PhD project is to assess how interactions between plants could be integrated in species distribution models.
I will look for assembly rules for plants species, then use them together with a species richness model to constrain the assemblage of individual species predictions and finally, try to assess how plant communities could be reshaped in a warmer future.


Curriculum Vitae

PhD supervised by Antoine Guisan and Pascal Vittoz (University of Lausanne)

Master of Science in Biology, Evolution and Conservation, University of Lausanne:
Variation in plant functional traits along environmental gradients: a case study with alpine plants.
supervised by Antoine Guisan (University of Lausanne), Cécile Albert and Wilfried Thuiller (LECA, Grenoble)

Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Lausanne


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