Dr. Adria Le Boeuf

Adria is a multi-disciplinary researcher. Her pre-doctoral work in the lab of Stuart Feinstein at University of California Santa Barbara used structure-function biochemistry to understand the effect of tau protein on microtubule dynamics in vitro. Her PhD in the lab of Jim Hudspeth at Rockefeller University focused on electrostatics and nano-scale friction in the hair bundle within the vertebrate inner ear.
Now at the University of Lausanne, she is a postdoc between the labs of Laurent Keller and Richard Benton managing and executing a project on chemical crowdsourcing of long-term decisions in ant colonies through trophallaxis. This project itself spans proteomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, insect endocrinology, pharmacology, and complex automated behavioral analysis.

Adria also leads The Catalyst (www.thecatalyst.ch), a cross-disciplinary theater group for scientists to help breakdown stereotypes of scientists, improve public speaking skills, and create new science-driven media.

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