Dr. Frédéric Masclaux

My PhD was focused on the study of a multigenic family potentially involved in vacuolar trafficking in plant. One part of the PhD concerned epigenetic inheritance of germination capability and gave me the interest to move to Geneva for a post-doc in the field of plant epigenetics. The post-doc project was to set up a method to determine the chromatin structure (compacted or released) by measuring the repair efficiency of UV-damaged DNA. After that, I started at the University of Lausanne in the groups of Philippe Reymond and Laurent Keller on the project "Kin selection in Arabidopsis". The goal of this research is to investigate if a plant competes more with unrelated neighbors than with the individuals of the same kin. This could correspond to an altruistic trait in plants. We would like to know if the recognition between kin plants and non-kin plants is possible and what is the molecular basis of the interaction.
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Member of Sanders group