Dr. Jose Luis Hórreo Escandón

Population genetics and evolution. Not only their own description in all kinds of species, but also their different implications and consequences at all leves. The study of endangered populations/ecosystems and their evolution in order to preserve their natural integrity and to avoid artificial declines or extinctions is also one of my research goals, specially when it implies practical (real) conservation/management consequences. From this point of view, I have been studying last years natural fish, bird and lizard populations with genetic and ecological tools, which provide valious information of their diversity, structure, dinamics and evolution. The last but not the least, I can’t forget my interests in DNA barcoding and species identification and clasification in general, which I consider is very important to study the evolution and actual status of species as well as to avoid different kinds of fraud in relation with them (e. g. illegal hunting and fishing, food fraud...).

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Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Member of Fitze group