Dr. Leonardo De Oliveira Martins

I work on Computational Evolutionary Genomics in the group of Christophe Dessimoz. I am also affiliated to the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. I am interested in all aspects of analysing  genetic sequence information, from the homology detection to the evolutionary history of gene families. One of my main interests is to summarise and classify large amounts of phylogenomic sequence data, taking into account the uncertainty in all steps of the bioinformatics pipelines.

Previously I worked at Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof. Molly Stevens. My main line of research was on the statistical analysis of hyperspectral and fluorescence microscopical images, to develop less subjective pre-processing of data and provide classification tools for Raman spectra and cell dynamics.

Before that, I worked with Professor David Posada at the University of Vigo on Bayesian models to solve large phylogenomic problems, where my main project was to reconstruct the distribution of species trees given gene families information.

In my Ph.D. I worked with Professor Hirohisa Kishino at the University of Tokyo in implementing a Bayesian hierarchical procedure to detect genetic recombination, at the same time that we explored relaxed molecular clock models and evolutionary models for protein evolution.

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Member of Dessimoz group