Dr. Mathieu Chevalier

Key-words: Modelling of ecological systems, biostatistics, biotic interactions, functional traits, time series modelling, global changes, demography, ecological forecasting, species distribution modelling

My research mainly aims to characterize and understand spatial and temporal changes at different level of biological organization (e.g. populations, species and communities). For this purpose, I use different statistical approaches such as populations’ dynamics models, multivariate analyses, multi-model inferences, trait-based approaches and so on. Although most of the research I have performed in the past was based on a frequentist approach, my current research projects strongly relies on Bayesian analyses.

Currently, I am using environmental-based niche modelling to study different questions. For instance, I am using joint Species Distribution Models to study the spatial scaling of environmental filtering and biotic interactions on plant communities (collaboration with Heidi Mod). I am also using simulations to assess the extent to which niche truncation provides biased estimates of species occurrence probabilities over space and time and how this problem can be accounted for by using Bayesian hierarchical models.

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Office room: 4301.1
Phone: +4121 692 4269
Fax: +4121 692 4165

Member of Guisan group