Dr. Tugce Bilgin Sonay

Hello, my name is Tugce (pronounced as 2che). I obtained my PhD in Andreas Wagner's lab in University of Zurich, where I have worked on several layers of gene regulation, from protein interactions to metabolic networks. This was also the time, when I met DNA tandem repeats. I studied, how these extremely unstable elements can confer gene expression divergence both in the context of gene regulation evolution in primates and in carcinogenesis. I continued working on them during my post-doc, as well.

Later, I got the Forschungskredit Postdoc grant to work on orangutan genomes in the Anthropology Department of the University of Zurich. I have involved in various genomics project during that time.

Recently, I moved to UNIL to work with Christophe Dessimoz, Ana Marques and Sven Bergmann on another highly variable element that works in gene regulation, this time in RNA level: long non-coding RNAs.

You can find more details on me in my personal website tugcebilgin.net​

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Member of Dessimoz group