Friederike Bienert

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Research interests

I have a real broad interest in Ecology in itself reaching from ecotoxiology to population studies. I have always been fascinated by plants. That is why I am extremely glad to work on one of the most interesting species, Cannabis. In our days Cannabis still kept his bad reputation as a harmful drug, but only few people know how versatile Cannabis really is (textile, medicine, source of energy, isolation, paper production, wood, food ... source: Jack Herer: " the emperor wears no clothes"). However, my PhD focus on the genetic backround of domestication events in Cannabis. Using next generation sequencing technologies I will investigate population patterns in Cannabis comparing domesticated and wild populations. Moreover I want to assess if we can trace selection in candidate genes.

Curriculum vitae

PhD at the University of Lausanne in collaboration with the CHUV (Centre hospitalier universitaire) under the direction of Luca Fumagalli

2009 - 2010
Master thesis in Biologie, Ecologie et Environnement at the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble/France

2004 - 2008
Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble/France


Since 2010 I am a member of “Freunde der Naturvölker (FdN)”, an association for the protection of human rights for indigenous peoples

Since 2006 I am a member of the group “The RocKandys”


Ecology, Anthropology, Music and Arts

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Member of Fumagalli group